My passion for jewelry designing all started with my mom. She was a professional beauty therapist & bridal gown designer. She designed all her bridal gowns & accessories herself & embellished them with all sorts of crystals, beads & sequins.

My other grandmama, Ellen Brennan Parker, inspired me even more with her jewelry designs from necklaces, earrings & not forgetting her wide varieties of Christmas ornaments. It's priceless!!! My love for jewelry designing and making is a die-hard passion I have developed for myself. Soon as I'd set my eyes on the those components, my head already brain-storming what I can do with those components to make it look beautiful! Mind designing & actual manual designing doesn't always comes smoothly but in the end I conquered them all!

Alot of my designed are pretty much limited edition items i.e. ONE & ONLY!.. unless on request or also on the contingent if the original components used are available for duplicate do. Yes, anyone can create & design jewelries.. But it's the matter of whether you can make that jewelries to make one's head turn twice to have a 2nd lo ok & "WOW"???.. now that's a challenge!

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